Frerotech is essentially a specialist in carrying out milling techniques.

These can be divided roughly into the categories:

  • 3-shaft milling
  • 5-shaft positioning milling (2+3)
  • 5-shaft simultaneous milling (all shafts simultaneously in motion)
  • 3D milling, treating complex geometries by means of the three methods mentioned above
  • Curved and double curved surfaces, treating in a high tolerance rage

Robot treatment

  • One of the 5-shaft treatment centres is fitted with a computerised work piece handling system which allows the machine to run continuously. The robot loads the new product into the machine and automatically starts the programmes, so that the machines can produce during the night as well.

We can provide other chipping techniques as well, so that eventually we can realise a total package for our customers. These techniques include:

turning - wire sparking - zinc sparking - flat grinding - assembly or subassembly