In 2011 Frerotech built a climate-controlled measuring room in which also a sophisticated

measuring machine was installed.

This measuring machine is a 5-shaft, CNC controlled measuring machine of the renowned make Mitutoyo.

  • the measuring machine has a measuring range of 1600 x 900 – 800 mm.
  • the measuring machine is 5-shaft controlled
  • the measuring machine is completely CNC controlled
  • CAD CAM programming directly on the 3D model

This machinery enables Frerotech to inspect the product produced for high quality on the basis of the specifications provided. Thus we can give our customer the guarantee that the product desired by him will actually meet the specifications imposed. The measuring room has full quality responsibility for our production process. This relates to:

  • entry inspection of the raw materials and goods supplied
  • EPK, first product inspection, at production start-up
  • process inspection during production
  • final inspection before products are delivered to our customers