Frerotech uses the CAD-CAM package“Visi”, developed by “Vero Software”



Visi is a renowned package with a very extensive CAD functionality. The package is pre-eminently suitable for the development of moulds and components with complex geometries.

The entire engineering within Visi takes place on the basis of 3D modelling on the basis of which 2D drawings can be generated in a simple way, if desired.

All moulds built by FreroTech are engineered completely in-house, in consultation with the customer, and are then built in-house as well. The CAD module comprises a strong 3D engine, which is supported by extensive 2D functionality, but which is also supported by an integrated database for the use of standard fastening means and standard mould components.

The eventual assembly is managed in an assembly manager, from which parts lists and drawings can be generated and dimensioned, by means of the plotview manager.



All machines at Frerotech are controlled by the programmes which are generated by the CAM application of Visi. This CAM application generates the NC paths directly on the 3D model.

The available modules can be distinguished into:

  • 3D module
  • 2D module
  • 5-shaft simultaneous module

Frerotech uses all these available modules.

The system is very strong at calculating the most suitable paths for generating the NC code. We use this software to make all programmes for our moulds and also the mechanical components are programmed with this software